Eliminates the belly

The warm weather is arriving and now that we take off some clothes we start thinking that we didn’t have a good diet during winter and now with the summer coming up we want to eliminate the belly to show off better the light and fresh summer clothes,

Not doubt that I always said that the good diet is to do a balanced diet all year long as well as doing exercise, but if didn’t make it in this post I will give you some tips to eliminate the belly to be ready for summer and wear the bikini more easily 

Elimina la barriga

Elimina la barriga

Firstly have in mind that the fat around the belly is the most dangerous one, is the fat that accumulates around the organs and that can creates serious health problems,

Androgens, the male hormone, is the hormone responsible for the fat to be accumulated around the belly, like estrogen, the female hormone, are responsible for the fact to be accumulate around the hips in women, so the men are much more likely to accumulate the fat around the belly and women once they past menopause also, loose estrogen, is then the women begins to accumulate the fat around the belly and not on the hips.

This does not mean that women before reaching menopause does not have problems with fat accumulation in the abdomen , but have less tendencies, yet these tricks are worth both to eliminate belly at any time always taking into account the willingness of men and women with menopause to accumulate fat there.

1. Avoid alcohol in excess, alcohol not only contains a high level of calories but also hinders fat burning because it raises cortisol levels which causes fat to accumulate in the abdomen.

2. Avoid gasses, this is something that is very logical, gasses accumulate in the abdomen and that causes swelling and extra volume in the abdomen, limits consumption of carbonated drinks. 3 . Eat healthy , this is something I always tell you, a balanced diet , avoiding saturated fats , providing plenty of fruit and vegetables while proteins and not only will reduce belly fat but avoid protect the heart and from some diseases. 4. Beware of hidden fats, many products that we consume not only contain fats but saturated fats which are the most dangerous ones, replaced products like deep fried  food, butter, bacon, whole milk, fatty cheeses etc for healthy fats such as oils, omega 3, nuts, avocado.

5. Eat fiber, fiber helps not only to regulate intestinal transit also reducing belly deflated abdomen, fiber can be found in foods such as whole grains, fruits, fresh vegetables, legumes etc.

6. Enjoy your food , eat slowly , chew and enjoy, eat slower give the brain time to assimilate we are eating, usually within 20 minutes so we will not eat more than necessary.

7. Exercise, daily exercise keeps us fit and controls the accumulation of fat , you don’t need to do intense exercise simply by walking every day with a minimum of 45 minutes we will keep us in shape, specifically walking makes us tight up the abdomen and exercise the abs, a perfect easy and adaptable exercise for any lifestyle.

8. Crunches, this is a basic for strengthening the abdomen, creates a series of sit-ups you can do every day and you will notice results within a few weeks , I am particularly plank or plate every day for 3 minutes in series 40 seconds and that maintains firm and fit my belly.

9. Drinking water, drinking water daily helps eliminate bloating caused by water retention .

10. Belly reducing products, products used to remove localized fat in the abdomen can help us, because when we lose fat with diet and exercise do not loose localized fat, we loose general fat.

Now we just have to get this routine to our daily life and get reduce belly for the summer and if we incorporate these tips into your daily life and not need to worry about the warm weather arrives,

Good luck! and until next time, be happy



  1. Eva Maria Solvas Luque says:

    Hola, yo procuro comer sano, hago abdominales, no bebo alcohol, ni bebidas gaseosas. Lo que bebo es agua y té sin azúcar. Últimamente, debido a los brotes de fibromialgia, no estoy haciendo ejercicio y se va notando un poco. Mi suerte, es que soy de comer en pequeñas cantidades. Un saludo.

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