Perfect and on a budget Valentine´s Day date

Valentine´s Day, the lovers day, a very commercial date but that is almost inevitable to celebrate it, so I put together a list of suggestions to create the perfect Valentine´s Day date without being a luxury or too expensive.

Not everything for this date has to be expensive or big gestures, there are so many things we can do that are more affordable and has the same meaning and the same intentions.

So let´s get started,

Consejos para una cita perfecta y barata de San Valentín perfect and in a badget valentine´s day date Silvia Quirós SQ Beauty

1. Spend time, either at home, a walk, a meal etc, spend some time with your partner, prepare something special for that person , so you ‘ll show that you care and want to use your time to be with that person. We are so simple, just know that the special person wants to spend this night with you and prepared  something special to celebrate it makes us happier than a greatest gift.

2. A nice dinner, no need to reserve dinner at the most luxurious restaurants in your city , you can make dinner at home, light some romantic scented candles, play some romantic music and if you decide to cook will have more effect and meaning that just book a table at a restaurant.

And when I say cook I do not mean to be the greatest chef and create a gourmet dish, just a heart-shaped pizza will create even better effect!

3. Flowers and chocolate, if you have no budget for a more generous gift, go for something that never fails, flowers and chocolate, the perfect combination that never goes wrong, the best advice is to reduce the size to make it more affordable than don´t do it, a rose and a mini box of chocolates can literally melt anyone.

4. Make this date to be special, can be from a nice walk in a park, find a viewpoint where you see the whole city, or a night under the stars, take a coat, have a little research on the galaxy and dazzle her with a night under the stars dropping details of what you’re seeing  and relating them to love … incredible romantic.

5. The highlight of the night, learn some dance moves and get her to dance with you, remember her favorite poem and say it to her, take her to see  her favorite band or to see a classic romantic movie.

6. Write a love letter, written by hand is the most romantic things anyone can receive, if you really want to take her the moon, do not hesitate and grab pen and paper.

7. A gesture, gifts should be gestures of love, never think that the more you spend in a gift the more love you show, so spend more time preparing a nice date than to buy something expensive.

8. Make her day! there is nothing better make her day with a surprise, if you decide  to get her flowers and chocolate there is nothing better than to have them delivered, send them to her work during the day with a reminder note of the date you are having late that day and that you are so looking forward to, leave her dazzled and the envy of the entire office .

9. Dress up, no doubt to dress up a bit, take that suit you never use or take more time to get ready and look even more handsome or beautiful, definitely will make clear that this appointment matters for you.

10. Say I love you , surely there is nothing nicer hear from your partner that loves you, she may already know but it ‘s never enough to hear it again, so I tell her, and never assumed she already know! just say I love you!

So I hope you liked this tips and you will put them in practice, not need to broke the bank to show how much you love someone, check out my gifts guide,

I hope you have an amazing Valentine´s Day!

Until next time and be happy,


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