Basics 8 Face Masks

Hi gusy! here we are starting a new week and we are resuming the basics posts, today we are going to talk a produce we use use more often that must of us do, and I am talking about the face masks.

The face masks are the home version of the facials, treatment that goes from hydration, nourish, rejuvenating, energizing, firming, also can give radiant, luminous and treat skin problems like oily skin, sensitive etc.

basics face masks, básicos mascarillas Silvia Quirós

The face masks comes in different textures, applications, format, time of exposition and application, this change depending of the treatment you are on or the help you need on your skin, but I do recommended to use it once a week, but knowing that some masks ask for a few times a week or every 10 days or 2 weeks.

Let´s start to talk about face masks, textures and applications.

*Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Hydration Boost Night Mask, this first mask has a creamy texture, very juicy, that gives a boost of energy and hydration to the skin, and apply it on night time is best when the skin is ready to absorb all the mask properties.

Apply a thin layer on the face and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, you skin will look so dewy, moister and hydrated, best use up to 2 times a week depending of your dehydration of your skin.

This is best created for dry skin.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Hydration Boost Night Mask Silvia Quirós

*Delarom White Clay Mask, a white clay mask with a creamy but intense texture, with borage oil to restructure the skin, Kombu seaweed for hydration, vitamin E for its antioxidant properties and the invigorating essential oils like rose wood and pachouli.
Cause is a clay mask the first properties is to absorb, purify and bright up the skin, perfect for oily skins to control the oil of the skin. On the sensitive skin will give a calm and relaxing effect.
Apply it on the face and leave it 10 minutes. Can be use up to 2 times a week depending of the quantity of oil of your skin.

Delarom White Clay mask Silvia Quirós


*SkinClinic Velo Resfill, mask for the neck and face, firm, regenerate and contains anti-wrinkles treatment. The combination of the active ingredients anti-aging will work on wrinkles, lines, flaccidity and dehydration.

Apply on the face and neck and leave it for 10 to 30 minutes.

SkinClinic Velo Resfill Silvia Quirós

*Cremology masks, this Cremology masks are intensive treatment for the face, very effectives and essential to get the best healthy and radiant look.

There are a few different masks:

-Vitamin-enriched, with vasoprotective properties, astringent, exudative antiedematosa. For oily skin.

-Hydro-renewing, treatment to hydrate, restoring the skin’s protective film, with aloe, honey, prickly pear, pear and passion fruit. For sensitive, dry or sensitive.

-Oxygenating, plant extracts, red vine extract, soy germ and wheat that delay the signs of aging, increasing the protein synthesis of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans. For all skin types.

-Revitalizing, protective properties which stabilize cell membranes, with an antioxidant effect, neutralizes free radicals. For skin in anti-aging treatments and anti-wrinkle.

-Anti-aging, compounds with water-soluble plant extracts for ginseng extract and extract alquimilla protects the integrity of the skin and cause aging oxidative processes. For anti-aging skin treatments and nutritious.

-Sensitive Skin, water-soluble plant extracts composed of Licorice Extract and Chamomile Extract with aftersun action and aftershave. For sensitive or irritated skin.

Add the liquid on the mask, that will inflate it and spend it, apply it on the face for 10 minutes.

Cremology mascarillas Silvia Quirós

*ètre belle detox anti-stress ampoules, a ampoule mask that works agains the stress, the Purisolft is a anti-stress substance that creates a natural protector layer on the skin agains pollution and reduce the early anti-aging.

Cleanse the skin from pollution form the superficial part to the cellular level. A natural protection layer that will help you daily agains the anti-aging.

être belle detox anti-stress ampoules Silvia Quirós

*Sampar Nocturnal Rescue Mask, this a night mask to rescue the skin creating a layer on the skin that will accelerate the cell regeneration.

Mattify the skin, close the pores and erase the redness. Leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Sampar Nocturnal Rescue Mask Silvia Quirós

*Pro·care masque hydratation non stop 24hr aqua boost, a deep hydration mask with 5% hialuronic acid, smooth the skin inmediately, reducing the wrinkles for the dehydration.

With dosage texture with a cotton fine transparent film, adds perfectly to the skin, easy use and vey nice.

Pro·care masque hydratation non stop 24hr aqua boost Silvia Quirós

I hope you liked it and that you are liking this basics posts, we are half through the month but we still have some more basics to talk about, here you have the basics we had talk so far and also beauty post,

Until next time,


  1. eltocadordevero says:

    Una entrada muy interesante! Yo no he probado estas mascarillas aunque me anoto algunas, como la de Delarom. Yo estoy utilizando una para limpiar de Innisfree de arcilla volcánica que va fenomenal y la de vitamina E de TBS para hidratar, es de las mejores que he probado.

    Un besote

  2. anabll100 says:

    Con una piel tan seca como la mía es imprescindible una mascarilla semanal (dos veces por semana en invierno). Mi piel lo agradece una barbaridad. Me llama la atención la de la marca Sampar, me la miraré cuando acabe la que tengo. Las que de dejan actuar por la noche son las mejores, no sé en cuanto al efecto pero si en cuanto a comodidad ;-D
    Un besito!!!

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