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We will resume the basics after a couple of days, today we are going to talk about a very interesting matter that will be good for everyone, I am talking about serums, those products that everybody suggest to use them but sometimes we don´t know why and how to use them, so let´s talk about them to make it clear and see if we want or if it´s interesting to add them to our skin care routine. As always we will start with the definition, what´s a serum? serum is a product with active ingredients, vitamins, anti-oxidants etc, in a concentrated formula create them to penetrate on the skin and perform in a deep level of our skin in matter of dehydration, firmness, wrinkles, dark spots, luminosity etc and prepare the skin to a better penetration and better performance of the hydration or nourish treatment that we will apply afterwards. basics serum, básicos serum Silvia QuirósA product to be apply after the toner and before the eye contour and hydrating and nourish treatments. 

This is not a essential product but is very interesting to use it, specially on night time when our skin regenerates, to help a better performance and better result to this process. 

Cause is a intense and with high concentration product has a very good effect and can be focus in special treatments of problems of the skin, and can be use as a season treatment. 

As I was saying this is not a substitute of any other steps of your skin care routine, is an added. 

Let´s talk about different types of serums so we can see how many different products and stage of the skin can treat. *Elizabeth Arden Prevage anti-aging intensive repair daily serum, a product created specially for stressed skins, this innovated serum helps the expression lines appearance with a instant effect in 15 minutes and helps the damaged skin and slow down the skin aging effect with the highest technology to prevent the early aging. Contains Idebenone Ester which is the highest antioxidant with a slow release during the whole day. Thiotaine is a antioxidant that protects the skin agains the free radicals. 

With mica and silica pigments, botanic extract and polymide. A perfect producto for the most stressed skins and for stress season like after summer.  Precio 210€.Elizabeth Arden Prevage anti-aging intensive repair daily serum Silvia Quirós*Nuxe Nuxellence Jeunesse, a serum that activates the ADN mitochondrial giving back the radiance and youth to the skin, providing a dose of energy.Repairs and protects mitochondrial DNA through the Psiflora, Anchusa and poppy petals, reduces and smoothes wrinkles and expression lines thanks to Calendula petals, Araucaria seeds, natural hyaluronic acid and Galanga leaves, the skin looks more homogeneous thanks to the cacao cells and olive leaves and activates microcirculation thanks to the Maca Root. One of the most effective serum that I had tried, in a few weeks of using it brights back the luminous and dewy effect on the skin. As you can see it gets my stamp #SQMustElizabeth Arden Prevage anti-aging intensive repair daily serum Silvia Quirós *BioEffect EGF serum, a futurist serum with a repair, nourish and replenish the skin giving back the youth appearance, with more than 10 years biotechnology research on the EGF cellular activator, a skin protein that speed up the skin regeneration, being a copied of the human skin made by barley seeds for a maximum efficacy and purity. Creado en colaboración con los especialistas líderes en bioquímica y dermatología este serum de día devuelve la jugosidad y efecto radiante al rostro, ayudando a las pieles más estresadas y más sensibles. Created from a collaboration of the leader biochemist and dermatology specialists this day serum brings back the youth appearance and radiant to the skin, helping stressed and sensitive skins.  No doubt this serum is really good, in my case I felt more hydration on my skin, and a reduce effect on my expression lines that comes from the dehydrated skin, I really like it,  Y por supuesto se lleva mi sello #SQMust,  And of course it gets my stamp #SQMust,  Precio 149€.BioEffect EGF serum Silvia Quirós*Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Optimizing Skin serum, is a avance formula serum that brings back the luminous and healthy effect on the skin, improve and activate the natural luminosity of the skin, hydrating and leaving the skin soft, bright, unify and prevent the skin aging. El Retinyl Linoleato que es un derivado de la vitamina A retexturiza la piel, unifica el tono, alisa la superficie, impulsa la luminosidad y minimiza los poros. The Retinyl Linoleato is a derivate of vitamin A that retexturizes the skin, unifying the skin tone, smoothing out, and impulse the luminosity and close pores. The sodium hialuronate is a powerful moisturizer that captures and retains the hydration, leaving the skin soft, fresh and smooth. El derivado de la vitamina C que es la vitamina C estabilizada tiene propiedades antioxidantes que aporta luminosidad a la piel mejorando su firmeza y elasticidad. A vitamin C derived has antioxidant properties and gives bright effect on the skin improving the firmness and elasticity. Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Optimizing skin serum Silvia Quirós*Estée Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator, this a quick action serum that reduce dramatically reduce the uneven skin tone, redness, acne marks, dark spots, sun dark spots and discoloration. Leave the skin fresh and radiant reducing the redness, cleansing the skin and bringing back the luminosity and vibrant touch with an unify tone. Es un serum intensivo libre de aceite con una tecnología muy poderosa que cuenta con una tecnología triple óptica que devuelve la luminosidad del rostro desde la primera aplicación. An intense serum oil-free with a powerful technology that has a triple optical technology that brings back the luminosity to the skin from the first application. The CorrectTone technology reduce the uneven skin tone in two weeks, while the antioxidant helps prevent for happening again. Un serum muy premiado que tiene un buen efecto y que ayuda sobre todo a uniformar el tono de una forma muy efectiva, yo aconsejo utilizarlo de noche, pero para las 12 primeras semanas recomiendan usarlo de día y de noche. This is a very much awarded serum with a very good effect, and best to unify the skin tone, is good to apply on night time but for the first 12 weeks is best to apply in the morning and in the evening for better result. Estée Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator Silvia Quirós*Clarins Bi-Sérum Intensif “anti-soif” multi-hydratant, is a serum created for the most dehydrated skins, with a biphasic formula as a hydrated intensive, very smooth and soft that acts in different skin levels of the skin repairing the natural mechanisms of hydration. Bring back the vitality of the thirsty skins, giving healthy, softness, luminosity and a matte finish to the skin. The hyaluronic acid rebuilt the skin water reserves, while the Katafray bark extract reinforces the barrier effect of the skin and prevents dehydration, Rowan buds extract strengthens hydration and radiance of the skin, the extract grain of the Incas restores the balance of the film hydrolipidic while Chondrus crispus extract, red algae, reactive natural hydration mechanisms.Sin duda el serum que mejor me va a mi piel seca, devuelve la frescura e hidratación y es perfecto en momentos de más resequedad como después de las vacaciones de verano o en épocas de infierno. No doubt is one of the best serum for dry skin, brings back the freshness and hydration to the skin, perfect for season like after summer of in winter time. Precio 75€.Clarins Bi-Sérum Intensif *Shiseido Bio-performance super corrective serum, is a serum with a revolutionary solution to counteract wrinkles, sagging, and dullness. Immediately, skin becomes smooth and radiant, and results are enhanced with daily use. En una sola semana de uso se ven que la firmeza ha mejorado y en tres semanas empiezan a afinarse las arrugas. In just in a week the firmness is improved and in three weeks the wrinkles will be reduce. Formulated with a patented Bio-Corrective complex that promotes the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Shiseido Bio-performance super corrective serum Silvia Quirós*Repavar Revitalizante expression lines serum, an intensive serum that relaxed the face muscles to reduce the expression lines, the relieving action is craeted by the Argireline, and the soy isoflavones helps with the cellular regenerations. Prevents the expression lines and reduce the face tension so is perfect to prevent the first expression lines. Repavar Revitalizante sérum líneas de expresión Silvia Quirós*Lierac Hydra-Chrono+ Serum, is a very powerful moisturizer serum, with a very fresh and oil-free formula that penetrate very easily and fast leaving a soft and smooth finish on the skin. Boost of moisturizer effect activating the effectiveness of the rest of products you will adding afterwards. This serum stimulates the hydration, reactivating the natural moisturizer mechanisms of the skin thanks to the hydration reprogrammed complex that Lierac research has discovery thanks to the combination of two active complements, a natural amino acid and a lillac extract from the japanese valleys that compensate and stimulate two types of hydration channels of the skin. With pure 5% hyaluronic acid that leaves the skin soft and filled. Water hyacinth extract (2.5%) this botanical active ingredient is capable of protecting the skin from environmental aggressions, thanks to its antioxidant, detoxifying and puriying properties.  Rose and cherry blossom extract gives hydration, has a antioxidant and moisturizer effect. Gives a very fresh and light sensation, very effective, the skin feels hydrated, dewy and filled, like is more alive and elastic. Lierac Hydra-Chrono+ Sérum Silvia Quirós*Delarom Energy serum, is an energizing serum with a gel texture that stimulate, and vitalizes. Has a very soft texture with a peach touch into it. The Cyathea cumingii extract has an instant lifting effect, the aloe vera bio is a source of vitamins A, C and E and minerals with a antioxidant action, and protects agains free radicals and moisturizers. This serum stimulate and power the action of the rest of your skin care products and can be apply on day and evening time. Delarom Energy serum Silvia Quirós*Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert srns repair night progess, is a very high concentrated serum with anti-oxidante actives that protects and repairs the skin. With a smooth texture that reenforce and regenerate the skin, giving back the firmness, hydration and luminosity. Contains a revolutionary active Zinc-Glycine complex, Rc-Advance and other fundamental ingredients like high purity collagen activator, soluble native collagen, high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid,  multi vitamin nanoemulsinated complex, vitamin C, cinquefoil root extract elected Extract, Prunus persicae and a powerful base complex of 7 plant extracts instantly soothe skin irritation and lack of comfort on the skin.  Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert srns repair night progress Silvia Quirós*Kiehl´s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, is a very light serum that repairs and regenerates the skin, and replace the skin to a smoother and healthier skin. Acts activating the skin in night time when is more receptive, regenerating from the aggressions suffered during the day time. Contains a 99,8% natural ingredients and parabenes free. Lavender Essential Oil helps soothe inflamed or irritated skin while helping reduce skin blotchiness for a more even look. Creates a brighter and more radiant look to skin. A signature Kiehl’s ingredient, Squalane is a botanical lipid that is similar in molecular structure to natural skin lipids. It has an exceptional affinity to skin, and because it’s easily absorbed, Squalane helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance to keep it extra soft and supple.Is one of my favorite serums, I had use a few bottles already and will continue using it, I started like more than a year ago and every night I apply it in the morning I feel my skin so fresh, soft, firm and glowing. I love it and of course it gets my stamp #SQMustKiehl´s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Silvia QuirósI hope you liked this new chapter of basics, here you have some other basics so you can start September at 100% ready to start using the best products for your skin, Here you have other basics posts and also some beauty posts, Until next time, Facebook Page ♡ Twitter ♡ Bloglovin ♡ Youtube vlog ♡ Youtube ♡ Instagram


  1. anabll100 says:

    En mi caso necesito el serum porque me cuesta mucho encontrar cremas con la suficiente hidratación. El de Clarins es muy bueno pero el de Lierac es lo más. Llevo un par de semanas usándolo y no puedo estar más contenta. Como comentas la piel se nota hidratada y con un elevado grado de confort desde casi la primera aplicación. Tomo nota del resto, nunca se sabe ;-D
    Un besito!!!

  2. Alejandra Alvarez says:

    creo que pocas veces he usado serum, no entendía muy bien su acción pero me ha quedado super clara, osea que se usa para que haga más efecto el resto de tratamientos y también para dar una ayuda extra, genial! tendré que hacerme con alguno

    un beso gracias

  3. Serum C-Vit says:

    Hola. gracias por la informacion, yo he probado tres el de repavar el de clarins y el C vit de sesderma y por ahora me quedo con el c vit, se absorbe superbien y da luminosidad a mi apagada caraaaa, es genial os lo recomiendo!!

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