Basics 6 Body Scrubs

Hi guys, here we are, let´s do another basics, today we are going to talk about another very basic step of our care routine, but this time is going to be a body routine, I am talking about the body scrubs, a very needed product to make sure you have a very smooth and soft skin and that the rest of the product you will use after will work better.

As always we will start with the definition, body scrubs are products made with a granule that will help to remove the dead cells of our skin, leaving the skin soft, smooth and mucho more uniform.

Basicos 6 Exfoliantes corporales Basics body scrubs Silvia Quiros SQ Beauty

When we remove the dead cells we leave the skin much more receptive, so all the products we will apply afterwards will work better, not just moisturizers also treatment products.

So if we want that our anti cellulite, reducing, firming products will work better, then exfoliate before your skin, then you skin will be more receptive.

Also I will suggest to exfoliate more often in summer, to favor you tan to get nicer and more uniform, we will remove the dead cells so our tan will look much more smooth and uniform.

I normally exfoliate once a week, but in summer I will suggest two times, and as always you can choose your favorite exfoliate, with bigger or thiner granule, with more intensity or less or with extra features ect..

So let´s start to talk about some of these body scrubs.

*I love… blueberry % smoothie, this body scrub has a very fine granule, but effective, with a very delicious smell to blueberry and yogurt that will leave your skin very refreshed and with a boost of energy.

Basicos 6 Exfoliantes corporales Basics body scrubs Silvia Quiros SQ Beauty

Leaves the skin very smooth and soft. The smell is a nice plus to it and cause it has a fine granule can be use more often.

I love... blueberry & smoothie Silvia Quirós

*Esdor Vid Divine body scrub, is a scrub that has more features included as I told you it can happen, this time a part of exfoliating also tones and cleanse.

It has only natural ingredients, and the big granule that comes from brown sugar, also contains grape oil and white verdejo grape seeds, and the smell is so sweet.

Esdor Vid Divine exfoliante corporal Silvia Quirós

Helps the cell regenerations and has a emollient effect on the skin.

And cause it has a cleansing effect it can be use a only product on the shower, the day you decide to use the scrub you don´t need shower soap.

No doubt is one of my favorite scrubs, I´ve been using it for a while and I love it, cleans very well the skin and cause it has a big granule for me it feels it really works leaving the skin amazingly soft, and the smell is so yami and of course it gets my stamp #SQMust.

Esdor Vid Divine exfoliante corporal Silvia Quirós

*Rituals Rice Scrub, is a very surprising scrub, not just exfoliate and cleans, also moisturizes.

Has a very creamy texture with a soft granule very well integrated to the soft and creamy texture.

Rituals Rice Scrub Silvia Quirós

Has the perfect combination between cream and scrub that removes the dead cells and leaves the skin very moisturized thanks to the white rice properties.

Has an amazing cherry blossom smell.

Rituals Rice Scrub Silvia Quirós

*Rituals Sakura scrub, is other version of the Rituals stubs with a bit bigger granule thanks to the ecologic sugar and thanks to the softener oils will leave the skin very uniform and very soft.

Nourish and revitalize the dry skins thanks to the very similar texture to the body butter, and with the intensity of the scrubs.

Rituals Sakura scrub Silvia Quirós

It has a japanese cherry blossom smell very nice.

And as you can see it gets my #SQMust cause I have a dry skin and the combination of the body butter and the scrubs gives a very soft and moisted skin, very hydrated and nice.

Rituals Sakura scrub Silvia Quirós

I hope you liked it and that these posts are helping you,

Don´t miss other basics posts of this August and neither some of my beauty posts,

I´ll see you next time,


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