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Hi guys, here we are with a new week and today we will resume with the basics that we are going through this August to get a bit of more clear idea and concept and be able to start a more effective and precise routine after summer, or if you know just maybe reaffirm the concepts of the products you use.

So we are going for the fifth chapter, we are going to talk about toners, the forgotten ones but so important for the skin care routine

The toner is a product that goes after the cleansing and before continuing with your skin care routine with serum, contour or moisturizer cream, and for what is it for? well that´s a question that I´ve been ask so much about this product, and the answer is that this product is very important, resets the pH of the skin unbalanced after using water on our skin, helps to close the pores and prepares the skin for the next step.

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There are so many different types of tones, for different types of skins, without alcohol for dry skins, with a little contains of alcohol and antiseptic ingredients for acne skins, with different textures and consistency etc.

And as an advice, always after using the toner, that we will apply with a cotton disc in tapping motion, we have to remove the excess with a tissue or with your hands, cause if we don´t remove the excess this can create the opposite effect and dry out your skin! so always remove the excess.

So without a doubt the toner is a very important step on the skin care routine, as I told you reset the pH of the skin but I haven´t told you that if we do not reset this balance ourself our skin takes up to 48 hours to do it by itself!

Once we have the concept clear we will start talking about different tones we can find.

*Lola Makeup Toners, this brand has two different toners, Purifying lotion formulated with hamamelis, salicylic acid and hydration actives to balance, purify and reset the oily and acne skins.

Lola Makeup Tónicos Silvia Quirós

The version for dry skins comes in a hydration emulsion version, with aloe vera extracts, sweet almonds oil and shea butter to leave the skin moisture and comfortable, perfect also for sensitive and mature skins.

This is the one I had tried and it feels more like a cleansing milk with a moisture and comfortable feeling to it.

Lola Makeup Tónicos Silvia Quirós

*La Prairie Lotion Biologie Marine Avancee toner, a three phase toner, that revitalizes, gives radiance and helps to keep the skin fresh and youthful. Has a proactive formula and a innovator delivery system that will allow to bring to the skin some ingredients that with the traditional toner won´t be able to do so.

La Prairie Lotion Biologie Marine Avancee toner Silvia Quirós

It contains vitamins, natural oils and marine antioxidants, that will oxygenate, gives luminosity and boost of energy to the skin.

You have to shake the toner before use it and the sensation when you apply it is more like a serum for the luxury feeling that just a toner, leaves a light oily feeling on the skin but cause we have to remove the excess that oily feeling will be gone and won´t interfere on the rest of the skin care routine.

A very luxury toner.

La Prairie Lotion Biologie Marine Avancee toner Silvia Quirós

*Clinique 3 Steps system toner, the second step of the three step system and to fit every skin type comes with different types of toners.

Comes four toners,

Number 1 for dry and very dry skins, close the pores and removes dead cells.

Number 2 for mixed skins, close the pores and removes dead cells.

Number 3 for oily skins, close the pores and removes dead cells, leaving the skin comfortable without a dry feeling.

Number 4 for very oily skins, close the pores, removes dead cells, prevent spots from appear, reduce the oil of the skin leaving the skin comfortable without a dry feeling.

La Prairie Lotion Biologie Marine Avancee toner Silvia Quirós

I had use the number 2 when I have dry skin so because of that I am haven´t got the best experience, but I am pretty sure I had the wrong toner, and is one of the only brands that makes so many different toners.

Clinique tónico sistema tres pasos Silvia Quirós

*Delarom Pure freshness toner, a very refreshing toner with a perfect combination of cucumber and aloe vera ext rat, that cleans face and neck from any impurities and makeup that may be on the face leaving the skin perfect for the rest for the routine.

Delarom Pure freshness toner Silvia Quirós

With no alcohol, doesn´t dry out and doesn´t dehydrated the skin, for all type the skins and for men and women.

This is a very refreshing toner and has a very nice smell, I really like it.

Delarom Pure freshness toner Silvia Quirós

*DC2 appeltonic, this a toner for sensitive skins that will provides for a deep cleansing effect, removing the cornea superficial layer of the skin activating the cell regeneration and protects the skin from oxidation.

DC2 appeltonic Silvia Quirós

Removes the dark spots and marks on the skin, giving luminosity and transparency to the skin, bringing back the radiance.

I really liked this toner, leaves the skin very comfortable and very fresh, my skin has a tendency of dark marks so this kind of products works great for me.

DC2 appeltonic Silvia Quirós

I hope you liked this new chapter of the basics, next week we will continue with more!

Don´t miss other chapters of this month basics and other beauty posts,

Until next time,


  1. anabll100 says:

    Ay el tónico!!! Yo ya no sé el tiempo que hace que no uso uno. Tuve un brote muy bestia de reactividad/sensibilidad y dejé de usar de todo tras hablar con mi farmaceutica. Ahora poco a poco he ido introduciendo aquello que necesito. Tienen muy buena pinta los tónicos de Lola Makeup, igual me animo con el de piel seca.
    Gracias por la explicación, sobretodo con la aplicación. Nadie me dijo nunca que hay que retirar el exceso…
    Un besito!!!

  2. Andrea says:

    Me llama la atención el tónico de delarom y también el de lola, que son digamos los más hidratante que muestres. El de clinique lo había usado hace bastantes años y no iba mal del todo1
    Un beso y feliz día!

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