Basic 4 Cleansers and Makeup removers

In today´s basics from the August basics we are going to talk about a very important step in our face care routine, I am talking about cleansers and makeup removers.

Two products that works perfect together but remember if you use a cleanser not always will need to use a makeup remover but if you use a makeup remover I suggest to always use a cleanser after too.

Básicos 4 Limpiadores y Desmaquillantes face cleanser Silvia Quiros SQ Beauty

Let´s start with the definition, cleansers are products made to clean the face, remove the dead cells, the dirt, the oil and in more specific version can also help with the pores and the acne. This is a must have product cause we need to clean our face from the dead cells and residue in the morning from the night cells regenerations and in the evening to remove the dirt and the pollution we got on our face from the day and make our faces ready to the cell regeneration process of the night time.
The thing is to find the perfect cleanser for our face, they are special cleanser for dry skin, for oily skin, for sensitive skin and even for acne skin.
Let´s start with the products and we will leave the makeup remover for later on the post.

*YSL Forever youth liberator cleansing foam, a cleanser in foam form that cleans, helps to remove the makeup, impurities, softening the skin and leaving a moister effect and very comfortable no tight.

YSL Forever youth liberator cleansing foam Silvia Quirós

It becomes foam with the contact with the water and is recommended to rinse it with warm water.

The principal features are softness, comfort and radiant.

It has a luxury feel and leave the skin very soft.

YSL Forever youth liberator cleansing foam Silvia Quirós

*Sothys cleansing cream, this is one of those cleansers that I told you about more specific, this not just cleans your face and helps to remove the makeup, also has brightening properties that will help on the hyperpigmentation areas of the face preparing the face for the rest of the brightening range of products.

Sothys cleansing cream Silvia Quirós

The vitamin C gives the brightening properties to the product, the vitamin PP stimulates the collagen and protects from the free radicals and the alegloryzina controls the despigmentation of the skin, leaving a comfort on the skin, helping the defense of the skin to boost up with the antioxidant ingredients.

Sothys cleansing cream Silvia Quirós

*Zelens Radiance luminous facial cleanser, is has been inspired by the herbal japanese medicine Kampo and the japanese face rituals by the Dr. Marko that has created a very high performance, creamy texture, moisturizer and luxury feeling cleanser.

Remove the impurities and the makeup, leaving a very clean face, soft and radiant.

Zelens Radiance luminous facial cleanser Silvia Quirós

One of the properties that I love the most of this product is the radiant finish that leaves on the skin, very luminous I love it! and leaves the skin deeply clean, is one of my favorite cleanser and as you can see it gets my stamp #SQMust, incredible.

Zelens Radiance luminous facial cleanser Silvia Quirós

*Eve Lom cleanser, a winner awards cleanser, being the first balm texture cleanser that cleans in a deep way not leaving the skin dry and removing even the most intense waterproof makeup.

Apart of cleansing also gives a soft exfoliation and removes the dead cells preparing the skin for a much better cell regeneration and ready for the rest of your skin care products.

Decongest and helps to eliminate the toxins by using the massages techniques they suggest.

Zelens Radiance luminous facial cleanser Silvia Quirós

Exfoliate as I told you but also tonics and helps the circulations thanks to using a cloth.

Softness all the skin types.

As you can see it gets my stamp #SQMust cause is a very amazing cleanser, with a very special texture and that really really cleans out the skin, the balm texture gives the feeling of moisturizing at the same time, not doubt a favorite.

Eve Lom cleanser Silvia Quirós

So now is time to talk about makeup removers, some of the cleansers we had talked about also removes makeup but now we are going to talk about properly makeup removers.

The makeup remover is a product that removes completely the makeup, but some times leaves a product residue on the skin that I don´t really like that´s why I normally use a cleanser after using a makeup remover to leave the skin completely skin and without makeup.

As the cleanser they are so many different types of makeup removes and for so many types of skins or problems or skin states, so let´s start.

*Nuxe Micellar cleansing water, a water micelar cleanser with rose petals that doesnt´contains alcohol and removes completely the makeup, also removes impurities and can be use on the lips and on the eyes.

It doesn´t have sticky texture, on the opposite side it has a very delicate and soft texture and leaves the skin very soft and comfortables.

Nuxe Micellar cleansing water Silvia Quirós

Removes the makeup very gently but nice effect, on the eyes leave it on a cotton disk for a few seconds to get better result.

Very delicate but effective.

There are so many micellar water on the market, I had tried so many of them and some of them are very effective but I wanted to add this one to the post cause it has a very gently feeling to it and of course gets my stamp #SQMust.

Nuxe Micellar cleansing water Silvia Quirós

*Lola Makeup Cleansing milk/Cleansing gel, two makeup removes with the same effectivity but with two different textures, milk and gel.

With wetting ingredientes to moisture the skin and emollients agents that cleans and also nourish the skin this milk makeup remover leaves the skin soft and with a moisturizer effect, perfect for dry skins.

Lola Makeup Cleansing milk/Cleansing gel Silvia Quirós

The gel texture gives a fresh feeling while removing the residue, purifying the skin, perfect for oily skin.

Lola Makeup Cleansing milk/Cleansing gel Silvia Quirós

*Lola Makeup bifasic makeup remover, this makeup remover has two parts, one of them oily that removes very effective and softly the makeup even the waterproof.

Lola Makeup desmaquillante bifásico Silvia Quirós

With pH that leaves the skin soft and nourish the lashes, removes the makeup softly and is ophthalmologist tested.

Add a bit of product on a cotton disc and leave it on the eyes for a few seconds and will remove the makeup completely. The only problem is that for me leaves a oily sensation so I will have to use a cleanser after.

Lola Makeup desmaquillante bifásico Silvia Quirós

*Talika lash conditioner cleanser, an eye makeup remover that has a oil-free formula, with the same effectiveness than the bifasic makeup removers, moisture the eye area, leaving the lashes very moister and with time will strengthen them.

Talika lash conditioner cleanser Silvia Quirós

A product with a high efficiency that surprised me, I love the effectiveness and that doesn´t have oil on the formula so it doesn´t leave the eye are with a oily feeling. So because of that gets my stamp #SQMust.

Talika lash conditioner cleanser Silvia Quirós

I hope you liked this new chapter of the basics, next week we will continue with more!

Don´t miss other chapters of this month basics and other beauty posts,

Until next time,


  1. Eva Villamar says:

    Magnífica entrada y muy completa. Me has tentado con un par de limpiadores…
    Yo también soy partidaria de limpiar después de desmaquillar, es la mejor forma de dejar la piel limpita.
    Enhorabuena por tu trabajo! sigue con ello!
    Un saludo!

  2. Maria Gastón says:

    una vez más me ha gustado mucho este post, nos cuentas sobre productos nuevos, el que más me ha gustado es el de talika que retira el maquillaje de ojos como un bifásico pero sin la sensación de aceite, me ha gustado!

    gracias un beso

  3. Ana Valiente says:

    muy informativo el post!! me han gustado varios productos pero se me salen de presupuesto, pero genial la diferencia entre unos y otros me ha gustado tu explicación y el post, un beso y a por el siguiente la semana que viene!

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