My March Favorites 2013

How fast can past by the days, it´s time for the months favorites! it feels like I did the previous one just a week ago!!

Finally this time I am doing the months favorites just when the month has ended, so great! I am so proud of myself! lol.

I am going to leave you the video which is very much shorter of the previous favorites, cause from now on I am going to be doing shorter videos so they are much easier to watch.

I am going also to leave you a small description of each product so you will know a bit more about then, if you don´t know then.

I hope you like it,

Mis Favoritos Marzo 2013 march favorites Silvia Quiros SQ Beauty

My March Favorites 2013

*Studio Skin Smashbox, a very moisturizer foundation, but without being to shinny and that last many hours. Very easy to use and blend into the skin.

*Face Makeup rainbow Kryolan, a rainbow cake concealer and color correctors with a very high coverage with a pretty good creamy texture.

*Full coverage concealer Mirabella, a very very high coverage concealer, that covers any imperfection and with a lighter tone will give a nice illumination effect.

*Translucent powder Kryolan, a none color translucent powder that will let you built the powder finish to the skin.

*Kit contour Sleek Makeup, this contour kit has been on my hands for over 2 years and it has never disappointed me at all, it has a very deep nice tone with a nice pigmentation and comes with a peach highlighter.

*Bronzer Bourjois, Delice de Soleil is the collection bronzer with a very nice light natural tone for a perfect bronzer.

*Cream blush Nyx, a very pigmented cream blush, that the first moments I didn´t like then so much but after a while I had got used to them and I started to really like them, you need to have a bit of careful with the darker tones cause it has a very high pigmentation.

*Light eyeshadow Bourjois, a collection of three bright light eyeshadows in white, blue and pink with nice pigmentation to highlight the face and the eyes.

*Natural eyeshadow TheBodyShop, a natural eyeshadows with quiet nice pigmentation for being natural products.

*Gel eyebrow Chella, a transparente gel eyebrow that will fix your eyebrow hairs. I apply this product after any other color products.

*Eyebrow pencil Peggy Sage, a very intense dark eyebrow pencil that goes perfect with a more intense eye look.

*Lip liner Nyx, lipliner pencils very creamy but stays pretty good on the lips and it has a very nice range or tones.

*Lipstick Bourjois, from the Rouge Edition collection, with a very creamy texture and with a nice pigmentation.

I hope you liked it,

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  1. Gafitas says:

    Menos mal que aqui me entero mejor de los nombres, con el superrequeterápido que ha ido el video… Naaaa es broma, las que te vemos dia si y dia también tenemos mas que claro que es lo que tienes..

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